Patch to upgrade to Oracle

I installed Oracle client on Sun Solaris 5.9. Is there any patch to upgrade this to

I have two questions.

1. I installed Oracle client on Sun Solaris 5.9. Is there any patch to upgrade this to If so please provide me with that patch number.

2. I have an x4500 Solaris 64-bit box. There are three instances in that box with Oracle version I have to upgrade this to

a) How to proceed in this scenario?
b) Which patch do I have to apply? Can you provide any patchset number?
c) How to enable opatch utility in this box?

You can upgrade a client on Solaris 9 to The patch number is 5337014 and can be downloaded from Oracle's Metalink Web site. To access MetaLink, you will need a valid Support Identifier (CSI). CSI numbers are unique support identifiers given to each customer with a current support contract.

With reference to your second question, the patch you need to download is the same patch as for the 10.2 client. The patch can be applied to a number of Oracle 10g release 2 installations such as Oracle Database and Oracle Client. Since this is a patch set release (not a one-off patch or CPU), you will use the Oracle Universal Installer and not opatch to perform this upgrade. When you download the patch from Metalink, it is accompanied by a readme file that clearly explains how to apply the patch.

Because you have three databases sharing the same 10.2 ORACLE_HOME, you must either upgrade all three databases at once, or perform a new clean installation of Oracle 10g in a new ORACLE_HOME, upgrade it to and then migrate the three databases (one at a time) to use the new upgraded ORACLE_HOME.

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