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Password creation in Oracle Developer 6i

When I install Oracle6i and try to access it either by Developer 2000 or SQL8 or anything, it asks me for user name and password. When I enter the scott/tiger or system/manager it gives me an error (it worked on Oracle8) and when trying to make it from the Oracle form admin "i guess" I'm not able. This is what it gives me:

Logging on as SYSTEM...

Enter password for SYSTEM : *******
Enter database connection (e.g. t:node:SID) [LOCAL] :
ERROR: ORA-06401: NETCMN: invalid driver designator
Log file in D:orantTOOLSDBTAB60FORMS60fdevgrnt.lst
* Granting Access to Common Objects                  *
Log spooled in ORACLE_HOMETOOLSDBTAB60tu60grnt.lst
Grant access to user: johnny
Not connected
Not connected
Not connected
Not connected

How should I create a user name and password?
To create a username/password, you would access the database with SQL*Plus or Oracle's Enterprise Manager. You do not perform that operation with Oracle Developer 6i.

Eventually, you will want to connect your Dev6i tool to the Oracle database. To do this, you will enter in connection information. It appears that the connection information that you entered is "jc:manager:ice". Typically, this connection information is of the form "hostname:port:SID". So it appears that the information that you've given is incorrect. Supply correct information, and you will be able to connect just fine.

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