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Parameters to calculate before creating the database

What factors or parameters need to be calculated before creating the database, and what parameters most affect the database?
The only things that you are really stuck with in the 9i release is the block size for the SYSTEM tablespace. The database character set is a little more difficult to change, but it can be done in most situations. Just about everything else can be easily changed later and since you can have different block sizes in the database (by tablespace), you can even correct some "mistakes" by using that feature.

I'd recommend the following general guidelines:

- Pick a reasonable block size for the database and try to use it throughout if it makes sense. That was make management easier down the road.

- Use automatic undo management.

- Use locally-managed tablespaces whenever you can -- even for SYSTEM.

- Use automatic segment space management.

- Make sure you know what characterset your database requires and do your best to understand the impact of choosing a characterset. Many times, this will be most evident when using the export and import tools.

- Understand how the storage is configured on your host and do your best to separate different file types (redo logs, data files, archived redo logs) from one another.

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