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Parameter file to use when starting an instance

I use Oracle9i release 1 on Windows 2000. I need help multiplexing my control file. I take a copy of my control file through operating system command and add a new path of this control file in parameter file. But when I restart my instance and apply this query...

(select * from control_files )

... I am not shown the new control file path. What do I do?

Also, when the instance is started, which file is read pfile or spfile?
When you start an instance, the following order is used to know which parameter file to use:

1. Use the explicitly stated parameter file in the STARTUP command, if provided.
2. Use the $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/spfileSID.ora (Unix) or %ORACLE_HOME%databasespfileSID.ora (Windows) if available.
3. Use the $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/initSID.ora (Unix) or %ORACLE_HOME%databaseinitSID.ora (Windows) if available.
4. Use the $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/init.ora (Unix) or %ORACLE_HOME%databaseinit.ora (Windows) if available.
5. No parameter files were available so issue an error message and abort the startup of the database.

So when you wanted to change your CONTROL_FILES parameter, you needed to make that change in your SPFILE. Your changes in the INIT.ORA were never read. Make the change in your SPFILE (ALTER SYSTEM SET CONTROL_FILES='file1','file2' SCOPE=SPFILE) and bounce the database.

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