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Parallel query support

I need to upgrade Oracle 7.3.4. I would like to buy the new Oracle license called "Edition One"; this version does not support the parallel query. How can I know if the actual DB rel. 7.3.4 is using parallel query?
I don't have a version 7.3.4 database around to look at, but I'd expect that this would apply to 7.3.4 as well. I'd check v$parameter for any parameter that starts with 'parallel%' and see what they're set to. Also check the ISDEFAULT column in v$parameter to see if they've been changed from the defaults. If parallel_max_servers is 0, then you're clean -- no parallel query is in use.

The next thing I'd check is in v$sysstat and see what you find for any statistics named like 'PX%' or 'parallel%' and hopefully you'll find numbers to indicate that parallel operations are not occurring (at least not since the last instance restart).

You can also check v$option and see if the parallel query option is installed.

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