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Oracle upgrade process vs. Oracle exp/imp for 9i to 10g migration

Oracle expert Brian Peasland explains the advantages of both the Oracle upgrade process and an Oracle export/import when performing a 9i to 10g migration for a schema in this tip.

I have a schema in an Oracle 9i Database and I would like to have it in Oracle 10g.

What are the advantages and disavantages between the Oracle upgrade (9i and 10g) and export/import (9i export and 10g import) process?

The biggest advantage to the upgrade process is that it is relatively quick and is not dependent on the database size. So for large databases, the upgrade process is the way to go.

The biggest advantage to the export/import process is that you can reorganize things during your upgrade. You can precreate objects in new tablespaces and import with IGNORE=Y for instance. However, the export/import method of upgrading can be slow for large databases.

This was last published in October 2009

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