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Oracle upgrade migration

We want to migrate our current Oracle Standard Edition database on AIX 5.1 to Oracle 10g Standard Edition on AIX 5.1. I want to know what issues might arise? Also, is there any documentation available?
Sure, the upgrade guide (part number B10763-01) in the 10g database documentation should contain all the steps you'll need. Your current release can be directly upgraded to 10g, so there won't be any intermediate steps required for the upgrade. Of course, you can also use export/import to move your data into the new database. The export/import method may be easier if you have a small amount of data and it will allow you to immediately begin using some of the new 10g features since you'll create a new database.

In 10g, statistics will automatically be gathered for your objects and there is a method to gather stats on the SYS objects as well. There's a new SYSAUX tablespace that contains most of the objects for any add-on database options (like Oracle Text, for example).

To save yourself time, I'd prepare a new ORACLE_HOME with the 10g base release and apply the patchset before doing an upgrade (or creating a new database). This will save you a step or two later and will fix a significant number of bugs that you may encounter.

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