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Oracle on AutoRaid information

I am the training coordinator for the HP Network Storage Americas marketing center (I train our channel resellers on mid range storage) and would like your assistance on something.

One of our product lines is the HP Virtual Array, VA7xxx, the AutoRAID successor. I hope you are familiar with it.

What I'm searching for is a white paper that details how the product works with Oracle, Exchange, etc. in hope of providing my reseller SE's some ammunition on how to sell and configure the product.

Can you assist with this, or perhaps refer me to someone who can?

I have used Oracle on the AutoRaid on a couple of projects, it's a good product for the midrange implementation. A few years back I found some information on the old 7700 on Oracle's Metalink site (http://metalink.oracle.com), you may want to look there. I have also had some success on HP's site, there is a section where you can ask for technical assistance on their products.

Jim G

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