Oracle licensing on Oracle Database Standard Edition

One reader asks two questions about licensing Oracle Database Standard Edition.

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I have two Oracle licensing questions and would appreciate any help you can give:

With modern processors having more that 4 cores, how can you license Standard Edtion? Do you have to turn off cores etc.?

Can you license a cold failover cluster using Standard Edition i.e. use clustering services, but not RAC?

Standard Edition is no longer licensed by core, only socket (physical processor). The amount of cores per physical processor is not factored into the licensing, as long as the server has a maximum capacity of four sockets.

On the second question, only one cold failover node within a cluster does not need to be licensed if it is used less than 10 days per calendar year. You can license standby servers using Standard Edition, but you will not be able to use any Enterprise Edition options and packs that may be run on the primary server.

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