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Oracle licensing explained

Please explain about Oracle licenses.

1. If my organization concurrently lets 10 employee developers and other operators work concurrently on the database what number of user licenses shall I specify when I order the Oracle Package from the local agent?

2. If the Oracle database is used as a Web server, how does the number of licences act? Example: Yahoo-like database may be accessed by millions of users concurrently. In this case how does the licensing work?

3. Is the number of licenses dependent on platform: AIX/Sun Solaris?

First, I must tell you that any and all Oracle licensing information should be clarified through Oracle Sales. Only they will be able to give you definitive information so that you remain compliant with the licenses that you purchase.

You have two options to purchase licenses these days. One is by "named user" and the other is "per processor". In your first scenario, if you can name all of your developers and other operators, then you can purchase a license for each of these users. There is a minimum number of named licenses that you have to buy though. If your database application is Web-based and you do not know who the users are (i.e. the global internet community), then you must license your database by the number of processors on your database server. Multiply the number of processors by the per processor price. None of this makes any difference in your platform anymore. So licensing for AIX should cost the same as Solaris and Windows.

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