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Oracle job advice: ERP or Oracle apps?

I am Oracle 9i certified but still not getting any job oppurtunities. What should I do, move to ERP package of Oracle or do I have to start with some kind of front-end programming?

Hello Michael,

I am Oracle 9i certified as of July 2006, but still not getting any oppurtunity to get a job. What should I do, move to ERP package of Oracle or do I have to start with some kind of front-end programming? That I don't want to do. I want to make my career as a database professional.

I know it sounds odd but I am depressed and don't know what to do. What is the difference between Oracle's ERP package and Oracle Applications 11i?

Please stay the course and be patient, I am sure the right job will come along. As you are quickly discovering, there is a lot more to getting hired as a DBA than just having that certification. You must also possess other qualities that add value to an organization. Some of these include good communication skills, personality, being a team player, etc.

For starters, I would suggest focusing your attention on your resume and interviewing skills. I will be publishing a three-part article series on SearchOracle that addresses these issues. The first article is entitled "Getting Back to Basics: Critical Reminders for DBA Job Seekers." This article addresses the basic things you can do to improve your chances of getting hired. The second article will focus on the additional roles and technical skills that a DBA can focus on, including Oracle ERP, which, to answer your second question, is the same as Oracle applications. The third article will review the types and benefits of certifications.

Hang in there and good luck!

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