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Oracle installed, but error when creating db

I successfully installed the Oracle 9i software, but while creating a database I get the following error: "ORA-01092: ORACLE instance terminated. Disconnection forced."

I'm installing Oracle9i on Solaris. I successfully installed the software, but while creating a database I get the following error:
ORA-01092: ORACLE instance terminated. Disconnection forced.

Then, again I tried creating the database using DBCA (Database Configuration Assistant), but I get the same error.

My alert.log says (There are two to three entries like this as I tried two to three times):
Mon Feb 23 12:47:29 2004
Shutting down instance (abort)

I had Oracle 8.1.7 on this Solaris box previously, but I deleted the databases and also uninstalled the Oracle software before starting 9i installation.

Also, when I use Unix netstat, it dispalys entries like,
... .... ... .... TIME_WAIT
... .... ... .... ESTABLISHED
The lines you quoted in your alert log are essentially telling you the same thing as the ORA-1092 error message. This is just saying that for some reason, the database died. You have to find out why the database has died before a resolution can be determined. To do that, you'll have to look in a few places to see if more information can be found. First, have another look at your Alert log. Hopefully, there will be additional lines before the lines you quoted. Then look in your USER_DUMP_DEST, CORE_DUMP_DEST, and BACKGROUND_DUMP_DEST directories. If you have not specified these directories in your parameter file, then look in $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/log. Trace files in these directories should contain a reason why the database died.

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