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Oracle back end with a C++ front end?

Can Oracle be used as a back end with C++ as front end? How?

Oracle can be used as a backed for many development language's applications, including C++ applications. You just need to get your C++ application connected to the database and issuing SQL statements against that database. Oracle has two different products for C++ applications. You can use either Oracle's precompiler, called Pro*C, or the Oracle C API Interface, called OCI.

Pro*C is very simple to use. You just place "EXEC SQL" statements in your C++ code. This statement will also contain the SQL operation you wish to perform. After your code is written, you run your code through the precompiler which changes those EXEC SQL statements to OCI calls. Then you compile your code. Pro*C makes it simple by removing all of the pesky OCI details. Unfortunately, after your program is run through the precompiler, the code can grow quite signficantly! So while it's easy to use, code growth can make it an unattractive solution.

OCI is much harder to use. You have to know more about the details of the code. But your code will compile right away and you won't see the code growth like Pro*C programs. And your code may be much more efficient with OCI.

So you have two options to use!!

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