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Oracle application server and database server explained

I am an Oracle Database Administrator in training, currently studying the Fundamentals II course of Oracle 9i. I keep running across these two terms: "Oracle application server" and "Oracle database server". Are these two terms the same, and if not, could you kindly give me a breakdown of their differences?
Good question. At one time Oracle was a product that was a database. Now Oracle is a company that make many products. One is the Oracle Application Server. The Oracle Application Server (currently AS10g) is a group of components that allow you to deploy Java enterprise applications on the Web. It also provides things like the ability to sign-on once and use multiple applications and a portal tool to dynamically serve information. Again it is a large and involved product to support applications. The Oracle database server normally is referring to the actual Oracle database. It could also be referring to the computer that the database is running on.

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