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Oracle Server Manager explained

I installed Oracle 8.1.7 on a Unix box, and I installed the client on my 2000 box. Now my question is what is 'Oracle Server Manager'? How is it installed? What is the use of it? How do I access it from my client box? What is the difference between OSM and DBA Studio that was installed on my client box?

Oracle Server Manager is a command line utility that is primarily used to start and stop the database. It is installed on the database box. To invoke Server Manager, issue 'svrmgrl' from the command line on your Unix box. You do not access Server Manager from your client workstation. You can use other utilities to start and stop your database, such as DBA Studio or Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM).

Since you have never used Server Manager before, I suggest that you don't even start with it. Server Manager is seeing the end of the line with the 8.1.7 release of Oracle. It is being replaced by SQL*Plus. SQL*Plus now has all of Server Managers functionality built within it. To start SQL*Plus like Server Manager, issue the following:

sqlplus /nolog
At the prompt, you can then issue:
connect / as sysdba
This will let you start and stop the database. Of course, you can still use DBA Studio or OEM.

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