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Oracle DBA training and courses

I am in NYC looking for Oracle database administration courses.

Hi, I am in NYC looking for Oracle database administration courses; please tell me when I can start, how much it costs, for how long and the nearest place for taking the courses. Is there is any chance to get certified in Oracle DBA online? Thanks in advance.

While there are certainly many education providers that teach Oracle, your best bet is to start with Oracle themselves....

Visit the Oracle education Web site. Oracle now offers self-study CD-ROMs, live Web classes, and of course, instructor-led training. For the latter, Oracle does have a training facility in Manhattan.

For certification, you now have three options:

  1. OCA (Oracle Certified Associate) requires one test.
  2. OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) requires OCA, one instructor course, one test and one hands-on course.
  3. OCM (Oracle Certified Master) requires OCP certification, two advanced courses, an exam and a hands-on course.

Visit the certification Web site for a detailed explanation of these programs and how to get started.

As for cost, you can get more details from the Web sites mentioned. However, I will say that the instructor-led courses are relatively expensive so your cheapest path to certification would be self-study and OCA certification.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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