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Oracle 9iAS with Apache versus IIS

We are in the process of planning a move from a client-server model (Unix and Oracle 7.3) to a three-tier model...

(Unix and Oracle 9i). Are there any compelling reasons why we should use Oracle 9iAS (with Apache) versus a server running the reports and forms services and IIS. This application will be used on the corporate LAN/WAN. In particular, I am concerned about the security of IIS versus Apache.

If you are going to run your Oracle Forms and Reports over the Web, then I'd stick with Oracle 9iAS for delivery of the application. The biggest reason is that this is the platform that Oracle supports the best.

The security issue is a different thing. Both IIS and Apache have had their fair share of security flaws discovered and exploited. Such is the nature of an open environment where you want people to access your application from virtually anywhere. If this is a LAN/WAN that you have control over, then you can go a long way to a more secure platform by limiting access to certain IP ranges. Both Apache and IIS let you control the allowable IP ranges. Also make sure that you have the latest patches and that your Web server administrator has done all that is possible to secure this Web server.

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This was last published in March 2003

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