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Oracle 9i Enterprise partially loads on XP Pro

I am having problems loading Oracle 9i. I am running Windows XP Pro and every time I get to "Type of installation," I click Enterprise edition and it only loads 31%. Can you help me with this problem?
One of the most common reasons for this problem is that a previous installation of Oracle was not complete, and Oracle was not uninstalled fully. So I would uninstall Oracle completely, and then try again. To uninstall Oracle, follow these steps:
  1. Fire up the Universal Installer, click Remove and uninstall Oracle. Unfortunately, there are many traces left, which you'll have to handle manually.

  2. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to your ORACLE_HOME directory. Remove this directory.

  3. Using Windows Explorer, remove the C:\Program Files\Oracle directory.

  4. Go to Start --> Run and type "regedit" in the dialog box. This invokes the Registry Editor.

  5. Delete the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Oracle folder in the registry.

  6. Reboot your machine.
The above instructions are only good if you have one version of Oracle installed. Multiple versions can muddy the waters.

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