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Oracle 8i vs. Informix 7.3, part 2 of 2

What are the advatages of Oracle 8i (and versions beyond 8i) over Informix 7.3 in terms of scalability, performance, tuning, stability, cost effectiveness, metadata loads and installation complexities, etc. Can you give a general comparison between the two databases?

This is a continuation of an expert response. Read part one for the complete response.

As you may already know, Informix was recently purchased by IBM Corp. It appears that Informix will be phased out over time and the "good features" of the RDBMS will be incorporated into DB2. Oracle did this same thing in the past when it purchased a product called RdB (I can't remember the original vendor). It remains to be seen how IBM's purchase of Informix will change the look of both Informix RDBMS systems and DB2. But the buzz in the database community has been positive so far. Informix market share was losing ground to Oracle, DB2, and Microsoft SQL Server. Most people agree that IBM's purchase will only bring positive things to the Informix community (although there are some disenting opinions). We'll just have to let more time go by before one can pass judgement.

I've tried to make my answers somewhat generic here. Often times, these types of questions can lead to very passionate, heated debates. Everyone has their "pet" RDBMS vendors. I'm sure that someone could come back and say that their Informix application ran faster and better than the same application applied to an Oracle database, and vice-versa. And they wouldn't be wrong! I'm not trying to fan some flame war here. Informix, Sybase, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server all have their place in the IT community. Each RDBMS does something better than the others. Each RDBMS has been in the marketplace for some time now and is a viable platform in multiple situations.

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