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Oracle 8i DBA certification or 9i?

I live in Australia, and I have just completed my Master of Information Technology at University and am considering doing the Oracle 8i DBA course. I have been reading about the advent of Oracle 9i and its additional features. If I certify as an 8i DBA, will there be a lot of demand for 8i in about 6 months, and how much different is Oracle 9i from a DBA's perspective? Thanks for your time, Anton

There will be a lot of demand for Oracle 8i well into 2002! Oracle just released the 9i RDBMS version this month. I know of many sites where they are still using Oracle 7 and 8 and have not yet even gone to Oracle 8i. Converting a legacy system to a new database version does not happen overnight. I'll be willing to bet you that in 2 years, there will still be sites running Oracle 8 and 8i as well as 9i. There will probably be some Oracle 7 databases up and running as well. So don't worry about being too far behind the curve. If you get certified for 8i, then you won't be behind.

There are some new features in 9i that you cannot find in 8i. But in my opinion, the jump from 8i to 9i is not as great as the jump from 8 to 8i, or 7.3 to 8. There are some new features in 9i but not too many. But they are worth investigating! And everything that you learn in Oracle 8i will still be applicable in 9i. Oracle 9i contains the same feature set as 8i.

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