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Options for backing up a training database daily

I need to refresh a training database daily. My environment is Oracle Apps 11.5.8 running a database. What are my options? I am not as concerned about restoring the database as I am about how the apps will react after I restore the database from the previous day. Imp/exp is time consuming, and I am wondering about using RMAN. Any suggestions, again I am concerned about the Applications tier.
Where is the source data that you are refreshing the training database from? If it is from a production database, and you require the latest data, then you will need to use exp/imp, or have RMAN create a clone db, or use Transportable Tablespaces to update the data.

If you have a baseline database for your training database, and you just wish to resort to this baseline, then take a cold backup of the database. When you are done for the day, blow away the datafiles and restore the cold backup. This way, the training database as it looks tomorrow will look just like it does today.

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