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ORA-19566 error with RMAN backup in Oracle 8i

ORA-19566 error with RMAN backup in Oracle 8i

I used the RMAN utility to back up my Oracle 8i database which runs on a Windows 2000 server. My RMAN scripts reads: RMAN>run { allocate channel t1 type disk; backup full (database format='E:backup_dbstbv8i db%.full.%s.%p'); backup current controlfile; Release channel t1; }

The RMAN backup started and ran for some time, but then gave this error: RMAN-10035: exception raised in RPC: ORA-19566: exceeded limit of 0 corrupt blocks for file '.....dat'

The error started when the utility tried to release channel resources. Because of this error, the backup was not completed successfully. Can you tell me what went wrong?

Your database has file corruptions in the specified datafile. The process for recovering from this corruption will be different depending on the specific datafile being affected, and I can't tell this from your description. You might want to try to restore from a backup that was taken before the corruption set in.

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