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ORA-12571: TNS Packet writer failure

I have a couple of questions. We are running Oracle 9.2. I have Oracle up and running on the server now, but I am having problems conneting via the Oracle client. I have tried a few things, but it is still not connecting. I am getting the "ORA-12571: TNS Packet writer failure" error. Also, now I can't ping to the server from the client machine, but as I mentioned to you earlier, the database is up and running on the server without any problems.

I have already tried the following solutions, but it is still not working.

  1. I fired up REGEDIT and then HKEY_LOCAL _MACHINESOFTWAREORACLE and then added EPC_DISABLED set the value to TRUE.
  3. I already checked SQLNET.ORA, TNSNAMES.ORA, LISTNER.ORA they all look fine and are pointing to the right database.

If you like, I can send you the files to take a look at them as well. I really appreicate all your help.

This can happen if the number of connections on a Windows server results in the total memory for the Oracle main thread exceeding the memory limitations for a single process (2 gigabytes with normal settings, 3 gigabytes with 3gt set). If you haven't set 3gt yet, do a lookup on MetaLink, or drop me an email, and see how to increase your memory size. If you have 3gt, look at using AWE memory windowing to move the database block buffers out of the lower memory and freeing it up for PGA (process) memory.

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