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"ORA-12541 TNS : no Listener" error on Oracle 9i Personal Edition

I did successfully install Oracle 9i Personal Edition on my computer running Windows XP Pro. But I am getting the "ORA-12541 TNS : no Listener" error. All my Oracle services are running fine, such as the Listener and the database. I checked tnsnames.ora and Listener.ora files and they seem okay. What could be the problem? and solution ?? I appreciate your help...

This could be due to two different things:

  1. the listener isn't running (or isn't running on the port you think it is)
  2. the tnsnames.ora entry you're using isn't referencing the host and port where the listener is running

If you have a standalone computer with no network attached, then you may try setting an environment variable (ORACLE_SID) to the name of your Oracle database instance. Then, you should be able to connect without using a connect string since the ORACLE_SID variable will be used by default.

This was last published in November 2004

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