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ORA-12535 error connecting to local database through VPN

I have installed Oracle on my local computer. When I try to connect to the installed local database, I get an error: "ORA-12535:TNS operation timed out."

Hi Maria, I have installed Oracle on my local computer. When I try to connect to the installed local database(SQL*Plus or Toad or Enterprise Manager), I get an error: "ORA-12535:TNS operation timed out." I am a remote worker and connect to my office through a VPN. Since I have more than two computers, I also have a router. When I try to use my computer name as the value in (HOST=) of the TNS names file, I get this error. But on the other hand, if I resolve my computer name and give my VPN's IP address in the (host =) of the TNS names file, I can connect in a jiffy. The problem is that every time I restart my computer, this (VPN) IP address changes and I am forced to provide the latest IP address in order to connect to my loacl DB (I'm not trying to connect to a DB on the network ... it's my very local DB!). What am I doing wrong here? Please help! Thank you.
This problem where an IP changes on a database server (in your case, this is your local computer) can be frustrating. In order to establish a connection via the Oracle database listener, there has to be a way for the listener to locate the database. So the tnsnames.ora file must either contain the host name within the service definition, or an IP address. Because your VPN connection changes your IP address each time, this presents a problem and a lot of manual work to change the tnsnames.ora file each time you want to connect to the database. You may be able to use Connection Manager to get around this issue. For more information on Connection Manager, refer to the Oracle9i Release 2 (9.2) Net Services Administrator's Guide.

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