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ORA-12203 on home computer

I have Oracle Release on my home computer, and after submitting the command $svrmgr30 connect internal, it gives the error message:

ORA-12203: TNS:Unable to connect to Destination, Oracle not available
I restarted the server and also Oracle services many times, and the password which I entered is "system user name" password "manager". I will appreciate your help in this regard.

I'm not sure what version you're referring to since Oracle had a 7.3.4 and 8.0.3 version, but I don't think that 8.0.4 ever made it out to customers. I'm guessing you must have been running 8.0.3. You're running some version of Windows (because you ran svrmgr30--only on Windows versions did Oracle append the version to the utility file names), but you don't mention which one.

If you had a proper installation, you should see services listed in the services control panel and they should be started. If they aren't started, start them and set them to automatic if you wish them to start automatically at each system boot.

You can download much more recent versions of the server from otn.oracle.com/software and I'd highly recommend that you do. Version 8.0.3 was desupported very quickly many years ago due to the numerous bugs in it. If you're just getting started, you'll find that the more recent versions also install much easier and generally "work better" than the older version (as is the case with most software).

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