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ORA-03297 when trying to resize tablespace

When I try to resize the tablespace I get the error ORA-03297.

Hello Sir, I have a tablespace of 2000m and it only used 40m. When I try to resize the tablespace I get the error ORA-03297. I've also used the coalesce command but it does not work. Please tell me what to do.
You are trying to shrink the tablespace below its high water mark. If you are running Oracle 10g and are using locally management tablespaces with Automatic Storage Management and row movement enabled on the tables, you could issue an Alter Table Shrink. If you are not at Oracle 10g or are not using locally managed tablespaces, the only way around this is to drop or move the tables or indexes containing extents above region in the tablespace you are trying to resize it to, or try a different size that is not below the tablespace's high water mark.
This was last published in June 2007

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