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ORA-01000 errors on Windows XP

Are there any known issues regarding Oracle on Windows XP? We have a system with a Win2K server on the back end and an XP client. Whether using Oracle or on these machines, we are running into ORA-01000 errors.

Background: Our application is written in VB, with OLEDB/ADO as middleware talking to the Oracle database. When logging on, the application opens a number of cursors to gather user setup information. Regardless of the server O/S, whenever we use an XP client cursors are not being closed by Oracle until the logon process is complete, despite the fact that our application is releasing the cursor each time. This is leading to excessive numbers of cursors being opened -- up to 1800 in one case.

We do not experience this problem when using a non-XP client against the same server, and our customers have also reproduced it using an XP client against an HP-UX server and cannot reproduce it using an NT client against the same HP-UX server.

We have set the following initialization parameters on the server...

...without effect. Any suggestions?

I would look to an error with the XP OLEDB/ADO drivers. Are you using the most current? If so, have any errors been reported to the provider of that middleware? Maybe an earlier release is required. The only Oracle bug I could find is 4263105, but it deals with the 10g release but has been shown to affect as far back as It states that the close in the driver may not close cursors properly depending on scope. Maybe Don can find more on this.

Don Burleson adds:

"Are there any known issues regarding Oracle on Windows XP?" Yes, there are dozens of them listed on Metalink.

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