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ORA-00406 when trying to create a function index

When i want to create a function index, Oracle send me the error:
ORA-00406: COMPATIBLE parameter needs to be or greater.
My Oracle version is: Oracle8i Enterprise edition What can I do to solve this?

As the ORA-406 error indicates, you'll have to change your COMPATIBLE parameter. Locate your INIT.ORA file for you database. The location is platform dependent. The "real" name of this file is INITsid.ORA where 'sid' is replaced with your database identifier. Use your OS tools to locate this file for you if you do not know where it is.

Once you've found this file, open it up in a text editor. Search for the parameter that says "COMPATIBLE". It may be in either lower or upper case. Change the value for this parameter to ''. Save your changes. In order for the parameter to take effect, you'll have to restart your database.

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