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ODBC driver support for the SQL_ATTR_QUERY_TIMEOUT parameter

Our application uses an Oracle 9i database as the backend. We currently use a native OCI interface to the backend but are about to move to an ODBC interface instead, and are exploring some third-party Oracle ODBC drivers such as Easysoft(www.easysoft.com) and DataDirect (www.datadirect.com). Also, as part of our application, we wish to set database query timeouts so that database latency can be controlled. We have heard of the SQL_ATTR_QUERY_TIMEOUT parameter of the SQLSetStmtAttr function, but are not able to find out whether the above mentioned ODBC drivers support this parameter or not. Does anyone on this list have any idea about this, or any other ODBC implementation that supports this parameter? Or is there some other mechanism by which an application using ODBC can control the query execution time?
You can use database profiles to limit CPU time and/or logical reads per call or per session; while perhaps not as direct as a specific query timeout, they will allow you to accomplish your goal.

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