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Not licensed for partitioning option included in Oracle server

Oracle 8.1.7 was installed on my server with the partitioning option. We are not licensed for the same and don't intend to use this functionality. Are there licensing implications, and if so how do I remove this option from the installation? The server is now live.
I can't answer licensing questions (because I don't know anything about licensing -- and I like it that way :), but as for removing that option, I would follow this approach:

  • Install a new ORACLE_HOME with the options you want as you want them.
  • Migrate the database(s) to this new OH and make sure to run catalog and catproc when you do.
  • If you wish (to put things back in their original places), deinstall the original OH, reinstall into that OH with the exact same options that you used when installing the "temporary" OH.
  • Migrate the database(s) back to the original OH. You should be safe not running catalog nor catproc this time since no options have changed.

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