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No listener error when logging in to 8

I have installed Oracle8i (product:programmer) on Windows 2000 Professional. When I try to login into SQL*Plus using the user scott and tiger password and giving the host string the company name which I gave when installing the OS, it gives the error: ORA-12541: TNS : no listener. Then it stops. I tried using another host string but it just hangs up.
It sounds like the TNS Listener service on your database server is not running. If you're connecting to a database on Windows, look in the services control panel for a service named "Oracle TNSListener" where is the name of the Oracle Home you gave when running the installer. If you do not see this service listed, but you have installed the database locally, then go to a command prompt and type "lsnrctl start" and it should create the service for you so that you can set it to automatically start at boot.

If your database server is running on a Unix-based host, you can login as the Oracle user and run "lsnrctl start" to start the listener.

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