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New Developer 2000 Forms 6 won't work after Oracle 10g installation

I have successfully installed Oracle 10g Personal in Win XP. Now I have installed Developer 2000 Forms 6, but am not able to connect. I tried to updating TNSNAMES, but that didn't worked. How can I solve this problem?
When you install multiple Oracle software products on the same machine, each software product will be installed in a separate directory, called the ORACLE_HOME for that product. You will have to modify the TNSNAMES.ORA file in your Developer 2000 ORACLE_HOME\network\admin directory, not the same file in the RDBMS ORACLE_HOME location.

There are many ways to configure your TNSNAMES.ORA configuration file. The easiest method is to use the Net Assistant GUI wizard. If you are still having troubles, I will require additional information to solve your specific problem. I would need to you list the contents of your Forms TNSNAMES.ORA config file, the RDBMS LISTENER.ORA config file and the exact error message you are receiving.

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