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Network configuration not complete and third client to be added

I have two clients running on Windows XP connected to Windows 2003 Server in a LAN. I successfully installed Oracle 9i 9.1 using options Enterprise, gendb, Global DB name / SID and the password for SYS and SYSTEM. The network configuration was IPC with IPC key as "ORCL". This is validated seeing listener.ora.

We tried to install Oracle 9i client option Win XP client. Product applications got installed and at the end when net manager connection was done using IPC and "ORCL", the test failed saying 12541: No listener. The login shown after the error display as SYS/pwd. We gave the SYS and pwd defined at time of server installation. Basically the network configuration is not completed for connecting the Oracle database. The clients are connected to the server in a network, and we are able to access files, printers, folders etc.

There is a third client running Windows 98, and we want to connect it to the server. Please tell me the steps required.

IPC stands for "InterProcess Communication". Two processes are able to communicate with each other via IPC only when they run on the same host. In order to have remote clients reach the database via SQL*Plus, you'll have to do two things: 1) configure the listener on the server to listen for requests using TCP and 2) also configure the client to use the TCP protocol to connect to the server. TCP is the most popular protocol for client-server connectivity. If you're using SQL*Plus on the server, you can use IPC to connect to the server, but from a remote node, you'll have to use a different protocol.

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