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Need help to develop queries

I need to write SQL statements based on the below tables, for the following scenarios. Can you please help? This is probally simple for you, however I know only a bit of VB and feel useless looking at this.

  • Person Table (Person_id, Surname, First_name, Sex, Birth_date, Street, Town, Postcode, Next_of_kin)
  • Admission Table (Admission_id, Patient_id, Admission_date, Expected_op, Admitted_by, Ward_code, Discharge_date)
  • Operation Table (Operation_id, Actual_op, Admission_id, Op_date, Surgeon, Anaesthetist)
  • Observation Table (Admission_id, Observ_date, Observ_time, Observ_type, Observ_value, Staff_id)
  • Staff Table (Person_id, Start_date, Staff_type)
  • Operation Table (Op_code, Operation_name, Theatre_fee, Days_in)
  • Ward Table (Ward_code, Ward_name, Bed_count, Opened_date, Last_painted_date, Daily_charge)

1. List all data about all the women living in Main St. Young, plus the men living in High St. Cooma. (Note that these streets may appear in other towns.)

2. List the first name, surname, latest admission date and number of times admitted for all women. Sort the list so the woman who has been admitted the most times appears at the top.

3. Produce a report that gives for each ward its name, code and the percentage of beds currently occupied in the ward.

4. List all data from the Person table about persons who are neither staff nor patients.

5.You are required to add a Payments table to your database. It includes the following data. (You do not need to submit the Payments table.)

Admission-id Payment-date Amount-paid
  205          16/03/92     1000                        
  205          16/04/92     1000
  274          10/10/94      600
  274          10/12/94      600
  279          22/11/94      390


  • Only one payment can be made per day for a particular admission.
  • A payment is for one admission only. If a patient wishes to pay for several admissions, or people at the same time, it is regarded as separate payments.
  • A person may make a partial payment for the ward cost.

For patients who have been discharged but have not paid their ward bill, list the patient id, first name, surname and ward name, admission date and amount owing.

Why do I get the feeling that I am doing somebody's homework for them? Something about this doesn't seem right, so I'm going to answer the first three, and leave the others as an exercise for the student.


select * 
  from Person
 where ( Sex='F' and Street='Main St.' and Town='Young' )
    or ( Sex='M' and Street='High St.' and Town='Cooma' )


select First_name, Surname
     , max(Admission_date) as Last_admission_date
     , count(*) as Number_of_admissions
  from Person
     , Admission
 where Person_id = Patient_id
   and Sex='F'
order by 4 descending


select Ward_name, Ward_code
     , 100 * count(*) / Bed_count as Percent_beds_occupied
  from Ward
     , Admissions
 where Ward.Ward_code = Admission.Ward_code
   and CURRENT_DATE() >= Admission_date
   and Discharge_date is null

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