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Need help creating a calendar

I need to generate a calendar where, in each cell, I need to display data specifc for 10 dates. For each date there could be multiple values. So each cell is going to look like a table with values in rows and columns. Now, if I query for each date to match it with the date under which I need to display the data, I'll have to execute the query for each date (10 times for 1 cell) and for a month it would become 300 times, and this is going to impact performance. Is there any way to fetch only those columns which would match the current date, so that I have to execute the query only once for each cell and hence it would become 30 for a month? Could you please tell me a better solution to this problem.
Where are you creating this calendar and using what tools? I need you to provide me with more specifics before I can answer your question.

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