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Need Oracle9i ODBC driver

Oracle 9.2 was installed on my PC. I need the Oracle9i ODBC driver to configure a client, but I can only find JDBC drivers. How can I load the ODBC driver? Do I need to uninstall Oracle?

Oracle 92 was installed on my new PC. I need the Oracle9i ODBC driver to configure a Resource 25 client. I am not able to. Looking at the installed products I do not find any ODBC drivers installled -- only JDBC drivers. How can I load this Oracle9i ODBC driver? Or do I need to uninstall Oracle and then install Oracle9i?
Click on Start -> All Programs -> Oracle – OraHome92 -> Configuration and Migration Tools -> Microsoft ODBC Administrator, and choose the Drivers tab. Do you see the 'Microsoft ODBC for Oracle' driver and/or the 'Oracle in OraHome92' driver in this window? If you don't see any of this, start up the Oracle Universal Installer on your workstation, expand out the Oracle9i Client main section until you see a section below it called Oracle Windows Interfaces. Expand out this section and underneath you should see 'Oracle ODBC Driver.'

If the OUI does not show that the ODBC drivers are installed, and you cannot see the drivers from the ODBC administrator, you may have to re-run the Oracle9i release 2 installation, choose a custom installation and ensure that the ODBC drivers you require are selected.

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