Need Oracle 8.1.7 Enterprise Edition CD for re-installation

We need to re-install an old version of Oracle (8.1.7 Enterprise Edition) but can't locate the CD anywhere.

I have a real problem. I have an old version of Oracle installed, namely 8.1.7 Enterprise Edition. We are limited to this version as the application which accesses it will not support a later version. We have however moved it to new hardware. To do so we had to install the standard version as we no longer had the Enterprise CD. By copying the application programs after the install from the old server, we were able to make it all work. Now, however, we are having some problems and our database consultant suggests we will need to install the later service packs. To do this we really need to do a proper re-install from the Enterprise installation version.

I have been unable to locate a CD anywhere, and to make it worse a colleague has corrupted the Standard Edition CD. Yes, we should have made a copy.

Is there any way I can get a hold of the Enterprise version anywhere? We are desperate. Thanks in advance.

I understand that there may be some compelling business reasons for not upgrading your database to a supported release, but these are the types of unavoidable problems that crop up eventually. As you know, Oracle8i is not even available for download from OTN, so my suggestion would be to contact Oracle Support. They may be willing to ship you the software or direct you to a location where it can be downloaded.

Another suggestion is to ask others at your local Oracle user group. There are still a considerable number of companies and businesses running Oracle8i, so someone is bound to have the original media and may be willing to lend it to you.

Another thing to consider is whether Oracle8i is certified for your operating system. Since you've moved your database to new hardware I'm assuming that your operating system was also upgraded to a newer version. Ensure that Oracle8i is still certified for your operating system by reviewing Oracle's Certification Matrix. If you are encountering database issues after the migration, it may be that Oracle8i is not certified and/or supported on that release of the operating system.

Finally, please consider upgrading the database to a supported release. Not only will the software be readily available should you need to reinstall it, but Oracle Support will be able to provide assistance and bug fixes should that be necessary.

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