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I am trying to resolve a remote DB connection to 817 on NT and cannot figure out the NT UNC and how it relates to TNSNAMES. Any insight is greatly welcomed.

I'm assuming that UNC means Universal Naming Convention where one can specify access to a file without knowing too much about the device a file exists on. For instance, I can access \\somehost\sharedir\myfile.doc on a remote Windows server.

Unfortunately, UNC doesn't relate to TNSNAMES. TNSNAMES allows you to define aliases to point to a specific database. In order to connect to a database, you must know a few pieces of information. You need to know which SERVER holds the database. You need to know which PORT to contact to establish the connection. You need to know the database SID, or identifier, in case the server is running more than one database. You need to know which PROTOCOL to use in your network communications. This is typically TCP/IP. You define all of these things in your TNSNAMES.ORA file. You then give an alias to this collection of information. This way, you can define connections to multiple database instances. Let's say you've supplied all of this information and you have an alias called MYDB. Then to connect to that remote database, invoke SQL*Plus as such:

sqlplus myuser@mydb
You will connect to your remote database.

You can manually configure the TNSNAMES.ORA file or you can use the Net8 Assistant GUI tool.

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