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Moving archive logs

Can I remove the archive logs from the system tablespace and place them in the directory which is actually meant for them? How?

I am new in this field, and my questions may be basic ones ... but I need to know. Actually the archive destination was not specified in the parameter file. But the archive destination (archive log list) does mention a path. We found out that the directory that should create archive logs itself was not created. I found out that the archive logs got created in the system tablespace. Can I remove the archive logs from the system tablespace and place it in the directory which is actually meant for it? If yes, how do I do it?

I'm sure that you meant that the archived redo logs are on the same disk volume as the SYSTEM tablespace. It is impossible for them to actually be in the SYSTEM tablespace.

You can move these archived redo logs to any location you want. Just make sure that your LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST parameter is pointed to this location. If you should require recovery and these logs, you can specify the new location at that time. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry about them.

Finally, keep in mind that your archived redo logs before your last backup are not needed to recover from that backup and roll forward in time. So you can remove those archived redo logs if you want.

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