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More on healthcare data warehouse star schema

Regarding Star schema advice for healthcare data warehouse question posed on 13th of September: If the solution is implemented as suggested, how would you determine to which addresses a medic may operate/treat? If the medic may operate at address "A" but he hasn't operated yet at that address, the query using treatments would not show address "A".

I think you have a difference in which address a medic is allowed to operate from vs. which address was the treatment provided from. I would recommend that address(es) a medic MAY operate from become an attribute of the practitioner dimension. If a medic can operate from multiple addresses, then you should consider an associative table (AKA helper table) between practioner and address.

But what is the business information need? Do I need to know where treatments are being performed or do I need to know where Medics (practioners) are eligible to practice from. Do I need to see where treatment is actually provided vs. where practioners are supposed to practice?

Seems the location of treatment is still a dimension of the treatment fact, and perhaps that same dimension has a many:many association with the practioner dimension.

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