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More on 64-bit advantages/disadvantages

In your recent 64-bit advantages response, the user asks about 64 bit for Solaris, but the answer is mainly for HPUX. In addition there is no mention of any possible disadvantages... Can you provide some additional information in these areas?
The answer is basically the same. Each OS has it's own limitations and required OS settings, but the basics are the same. 64-bit is an overall better and more robust solution.

As far as disadvantages, you need to be aware that the availability of patch sets for 64-bit tends to lag behind 32-bit patch sets. In theory, you should see improved performance overall, but (as with everything!) your configuration of both OS and database would need to be "tweaked" to achieve optimal performance.

Perhaps the bottom line in all this is that when you want/need to have a SGA bigger than the maximum allowable size on a 32 bit platform or when the 32-bit OS cannot support more memory, then moving to a 64-bit version should be considered. Keep in mind these limits for 32-bit: Solaris = 3.75 GB, HP-UX = 1.75 GB and AIX = around 2.5 GB.

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