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Modifying a table to include 3 columns, one of which is a BLOB

I am a new DBA, and I have to modify a table to include three columns; one of them should be a BLOB. How do I create the BLOB column, and how will the Programmer in Visual Basic version 6.0 be able to insert the "bitmap pictures" and retrieve it?

To add a new column to an existing table, use the following command:

ALTER TABLE table_name ADD (column_name datatype);

For a BLOB column, the datatype is obviously BLOB.

No matter which development environment you are using, you will need to be able to select/insert/update/delete large objects. This topic is big enough to devote an entire manual to it! I suggest that you get an account on Oracle Technet which has all of the Oracle documentation. Specifically, you want to read the Oracle8i Application Developer's Guide - Large Objects (LOBs) and the relevant section on your development platform (C OCI, OLE, etc.).

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