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Modifying SYS password in a RAC environment

An Oracle user asks how their SYS password may be affected when doing "alter user sys identified by pwd;" on one node after OS authentication.

In a two-node RAC (Oracle 10g R2, Windows 2003) environment, what would be the result when we do "alter user sys identified by pwd;" on one node after OS authentication?

Except modifying SYS password in data dictionary, will this synchronize SYS password in password file on the current node? Also, what about SYS password in password file on another node, will that be changed as well?

Is there any effect on SYS login OEM database control as sysdba after changing SYS password by "alter user sys identified by pwd;" on one code? (since the OEM database control login uses password file).
In my RAC environment, I put the password file on my shared disk storage. In ORACLE_HOME/dbs, I create a softlink to point to the password file on the shared environment. I believe that this is Oracle's preferred configuration since the DBCA did all of this for me when I created my RAC database. Once all instances have softlinks to the password file on shared storage, when you modify the SYS password, it will update the password file for all instances. If you do not have the password file shared as defined above, then modify the SYS password on one instance and then copy the password file to the other instance.

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