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Missing triggers in an Oracle dump

I did an Oracle dump, but I'm missing some trigger statements.
1. Why am I missing the triggers?
2. How can i avoid this?

The only way a dump, or export will contain the triggers is to export the FULL contents of the database or export the entire schema OWNER. If you specify FULL=Y as a parameter to your export, then you will get all triggers, procedures, views, sequences, etc. If you specify OWNER=user_name as a parameter to your export, then you will get all objects that is owned by that user including triggers. The TABLES parameter will not export objects like triggers, views, sequences, etc.

If you want to verify if a trigger or other object is in an export file, use the SHOW=Y parameter for import. Make sure you log the output to a logfile. Then browse the logfile. All DDL statements in the export dump will be shown.

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