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Migration help needed

I have a database on Oracle 8.17 on which business intelligence software sits. I now have to move/migrate that database (with all its data) onto a SQL*Server. The problem is I'm not skilled in either SQL or Oracle. How do I do the migration?
Moving your data from Oracle to SQL*Server should be reasonably painless. However, I would suggest that you make sure that your skills are sufficient to perform this migration.

First, I would suggest that you simply convert the database structure from Oracle to SQL*Server. There are many tools that can reverse engineer the database and then even convert the datatypes to SQL*Server datatypes. Then you can reproduce your database.

The next step would be to move the data. This is the most challenging portion of your migration depending on your referential integrity. This mainly affects the load order, so just plan carefully. To move data you can use the SQL*Server tool, DTS. The DTS tools will help you to move data from Oracle to SQL*Server. This is a good way to migrate and the tool is included with your SQL*Server license.

Of course, the most challenging portion will be whether or not you have database level objects, such as triggers or stored procedures. These will need to be rewritten and retested. For this you will need to have the skills to understand the Oracle source code and how to write stored programs for SQL*Server.

Good luck with your migration.

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