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Migrating from Oracle on Solaris 8 to 10g on Solaris 10

We are migrating an Oracle database on Solaris 8 to Oracle 10gR2 on a new Solaris 10 server. What is the best way to move my data from the DB? Is exp/imp the best method?

We have our current production database in Oracle on Solaris 8, and we are planning on moving to 10gR2. This upgrade will be totally on a new Solaris 10 server. The question I have is, once I have the new box ready with 10gR2, what is the best way to move my data from the DB? I usually do an exp/imp. Is that the best method? I have about 30GB of data with around 40 tablespaces and not many schemas (six schemas). Does 10gR2 offer a better method of migrating data from Oracle Any help is greatly appreciated.
You are not only upgrading your database, but you are migrating it to another server. Since the database is not large (only 30 GB), I would recommend using Oracle's export and import utilities to accomplish this. The Oracle Database 10g Release 2 (10.2) Upgrade Guide describes the various options available to you to upgrade an Oracle database to 10gR2. Basically, you can upgrade your database in place via the Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA) or manually through scripts. Another option is to copy your database across from one database to another using a database link, but this is prone to error and requires more effort than using export/import. Finally, you can use the export and import utilities which are what I would recommend in this case.

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