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Migrating from Oracle 8 on Windows NT to 10g on Red Hat Linux

We want to migrate our current Oracle Standard Edition database on Windows NT to Oracle 10g Standard Edition on Red Hat Linux Enterprise AS 3.0. I want to know what issues might arise? Also, is there any documentation available? Currenlty we are not under support. We will be taking support now.

The Oracle 10g Upgrade Guide (from the base documentation) is your best source for information. Given that you are changing platforms, you have two options:

  1. Upgrade the database to 10g on the Windows platform (which will require two upgrades really since you can't upgrade from 8.1.6 directly to 10g). Once you're running 10g on Windows, you can use the cross-platform transportable tablespaces feature to migrate the database to Linux. This is will be the longest method and require the most intermediate steps since you will also probably need to upgrade Windows because 10g isn't supported on Windows NT.
  2. Install 10g on Linux and create a new database. Export the entire database from your existing environment using the export utility and then import that into the new database on Linux. If you have a relatively small database, this method will be fast and not require any intermediate steps.

Most importantly, test everything on the new platform before migrating your application to use the new platform.

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