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Migrating from FoxPro to Oracle

I would like to extract long or clob data to flat file (text file). Is there any dbms_package or procedure available for this issue? I would also like to migrate FoxPro table with contains memo field to Oracle table. Is there any way to do a migration from FoxPro to Oracle?
For extracting the data to a flat file, why not just use SQL*Plus? SQL*Plus can read the contents of a LONG or CLOB column. Use the SPOOL command in SQL*Plus to place the output from your query into a file. There is a DBMS_LOB package which provides additional functionality on the CLOB column. But it doesn't write to a file. You can also use the UTL_FILE package to write column's data to a file.

Oracle does have a Migration Toolkit for download on Technet, but unfortunately, there is no support for migrating from FoxPro. People with FoxPro typically do one of two things. One, dump the data from FoxPro into a comma-delimited flat file for each table. Then use SQL*Loader to import the data into Oracle. Or two, use ODBC to push the data into Oracle.

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