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Migrating database from Solaris to Linux

What is the procedure to migrate an Oracle database from a Solaris machine to Red Hat Linux 9?

What is the procedure to be followed to migrate a database from a Solaris machine to Red Hat Linux 9? (The size of the database is 20 GB.)
You have two options, Oracle's export/import utilities and Transportable Tablespaces (TTS). For TTS, you must be running Oracle 10g on both servers since you are going from one OS to another OS. TTS does not support cross-OS transfers prior to 10g. But I would probably use export/import since the database is not that big. On the Solaris server, perform a full export. Then create your database on the Red Hat platform. FTP the dump file to the new server (in BINARY mode). Finally, perform a full import into your new database.

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